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Corporate Headshots in London

I am regularly commissioned to shoot corporate headshots in London and across the UK. The brief will vary from client to client, but generally involves using either a studio backdrop or using the office space as the background.

The headshots featured in this post were taken recently for a global law firm near St Paul’s in London. They were photographed on a grey background to match existing portraits taken at my client’s other offices. I like to keep the headshots both well lit and natural looking, and this involves setting up a number of portable flash units with modifiers to create a soft, flattering light. As well as lighting the subject, the background is also lit to create some separation from the subject. For any photographers reading, I generally (but not exclusively!) use Lastolite pop up backdrops and reflectors along with an Elinchrom Octabox on my key light.

corporate headshots london female

corporate headshots female grey backdrop

corporate headshots london male grey backdrop

corporate headshots female grey backdrop

The finished images were optimised for colour, tone and contrast, and very little Photoshop work was carried out other than blemish and stray hair removal. Again, this helped keep the finished headshot looking natural. Additional retouching work is of course available if required by the client.

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