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Portraits for Global Entertainment Company

informal company portrait of male overlooking London Blackfriars

I was commissioned by a global entertainment company in London to shoot portraits of their senior leadership team. The brief was to shoot a variety of informal portaits around their office, so I used different locations and backgrounds to keep it interesting.

A mix of office backgrounds and outdoor views were used, as the office is situated in Blackfriars with some wonderful views over London. While different areas were used, I kept the lighting similar for each set up, giving the portraits a consistent look. I used portable, battery-powered flash lighting and Profoto softboxes and modifiers to allow for quick location changes, as more than one spot was used for each person. The portable photography gear helped keep the shoot flowing without any big delays.

The images are being used mainly for press and pr, and one recently featured in an interview for the Guardian. Here’s a selection of the finshed portraits.

casual business headshot of female
relaxed corporate portrait of male sitting on yellow seat by office window
casual business portrait of male wearing black
casual corporate portrait of male sitting in contemporary office
informal business portrait with view of St Pauls Cathedral in London
informal company portrait of smiling male in jumper
informal company portrait with view over London Blackfriars
casual corporate portrait of smiling male
relaxed business portrait of smiling female sitting down
casual business portrait of female
relaxed corportate portrait of male in modern office

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