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Business Portraits White Background

I was recently commissioned by an international pension fund to photograph their employees in London and was asked to take the portraits on site at their Portman Square offices.

The brief was to shoot three quarter length business portraits on a white background, which gave my client the option to crop to half length or headshots as required.

I set up a portable white backdrop in the company’s boardroom which I lit with two studio flash lights, one to each side, with light modifiers attached to create a soft even light. For the photographers out there interested in lighting gear, I used two Calumet Genesis GF200 lights with strip softboxes attached to light the background. My subjects were lit with two Calumet Genesis GF400 lights with Photek Softlighters attached, one creating the key light and the other the fill. Okay, that’s the nerdy stuff out the way!

With a portable studio set up, I was able to shoot consistent, clean portraits of everyone without taking up too much of their time. I asked each person to review the portraits after their session to make sure they were happy with them, and they chose their favourites online afterwards. Once the final photos had been chosen and processed, the finished photos were delivered online to my client’s head office in Canada. Here are a selection of portraits taken on the day.

company portrait male white backdrop business portrait white backdrop business portrait female white backdrop company portrait male white background
corporate portrait male white backdrop corporate portrait female white backdrop

business portrait male white backdrop

The portraits have been cropped to headshots for use on the company website, while the full length photos are used in other marketing material. You can click on the next link to view another blog post featuring corporate headshots on a grey background.

Please click on the following link for details about my corporate photography work in London.

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