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Relaxed Company Headshots

I regularly shoot headshots and portraits for a variety of businesses, big and small, in and around London. I was recently approached by a tech company looking to update the headshots on their website. They were also looking for a selection of candid images of staff at work in the office. Being a young, design-driven company, the brief requested images that reflected this.

I decided to use various locations around the office to shoot a set of relaxed company headshots which were to look fresh and natural so they matched the look and feel of the client’s website.
relaxed company headshot female smiling

relaxed business headshot male


natural_company_headshot_male_smilingThe owner’s French Bulldog was also in the office on the day, and was very well behaved for his headshot, preferring a more serious look.

french bulldog portrait officeFor the candid portraits, I spent some time photographing the staff at work around the office, and these were a mixture of staged photos and truly candid images. Hopefully you can’t tell which ones are directed and which ones are ‘real’.

tech company meeting male female reflections

candid office portrait male casual

corporate portrait desk young female

corporate portrait desk young male

corporate portrait meeting young female candid

tech company portrait smiling maleFortunately everyone was friendly and accommodating on the day which helped me meet the client’s brief. The photos were used as a guide for photographers shooting similar portraits in their North and South America offices – unfortunately I didn’t get that commission!

Please click on the following link to view more info about my corporate photography work.

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