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Corporate Lifestyle Photography in London

corporate employees in modern openplan office

I was comissioned by a new multinational client to shoot corporate lifestyle photography at one their offices in London.

We met on site for a recce ahead of the shoot in order to agree on the best locations to use. This was invaluable as it’s a big space with several buildings, and enabled us to work out a schedule beforehand. With the shoot well-planned, we could concentrate on photography on the day. I worked with one assistant who did a great job helping me position and move lights between setups, which kept things running smoothly.

The key people in each set up were real employees, while models were used in some shots to fill the background space. The brief was for natural-looking, corporate lifestyle photography of staff at work. While I directed people to get the best out of them for each shot, the idea was for the final images to have a candid, authentic feel to them. Here’s a selection of photos from the day.

corporate female talking to colleague in open-plan office
corporate lifestyle portrait of smiling female
young smiling female office worker in nook booth
corporate meeting with male in contemporary office
informal corporate meeting in modern open plan workspace with smiling colleagues
corporate male with laptop talking  to colleague
relaxed business portrait of female with laptop
casual discussion in contemporary corporate setting
corporate staff talking in contemporary open plan office

You can view more corporate work on my corporate photography page.

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