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Corporate Portraits & Headshots – City of London

I was fortunate enough to have access to the General Committee Room at Lloyds Register in London recently, one of the grandest rooms I’ve worked in. The brief was to photograph a variety of environmental corporate portraits showing off the surroundings.

I spent a fair amount of time prepping the room (there were A LOT of chairs to straighten!) and setting up the lighting so that both the subject and the room were well lit. For the photographers out there interested in the set-up, I used two portable flash units (Calumet Genesis 400) with modifiers to light the subject. I used an Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox for the main light and a gridded strip softbox for rim light. A further three speedlites were used to light the room.





As well as the General Committee Room, I couldn’t resist taking a portrait in the hallway outside with its ornate furnishings. I mixed window light with two portable flash units for this one.

corporate portrait london lloyds register

lloyds-london-2 lloyds-london-3 lloyds-london-6

A number of headshots were also needed, so we moved to a more modern part of the building for these. A plain, neutral wall was used as the backdrop, keeping the portraits clean and contemporary.

To finish, we had a bit of fun with the imposing doorway.

If you’re interested in seeing the building for yourself, Lloyds Register will be taking part in Open House 2015 in September.

To view more of my portrait work you can click on the following links for portrait photography at Silverstone and portrait photography at Chancery Lane London.

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