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Gariz Leather Skin for Sony RX100 Mk 3 Review

Being a photographer, I like to have a camera with me everywhere I go, and a good one at that. The Sony RX100 mark III is a premium quality compact camera that is popular with both professionals and enthusiasts as it’s just about pocketable and produces excellent quality images for a camera of this size. I recently bought the Gariz Leather Skin for my RX100 as at around £15 it’s an inexpensive addition. So what’s it like?


I have to admit that when I opened the packaging I was a little underwhelmed with the Gariz skin as it’s just two small pieces of leather with an adhesive backing.  It simply sticks to the front of the camera, one piece on each side of the lens. The skin is available in red as well as the black version I bought, and for a variety of cameras, mine being made specifically for the Sony RX100 mark 3. Once I fitted the skin my opinion changed. It really does improve the look of the camera, giving it a more retro feel, along the lines of the Panasonic Lumix cameras which I’ve always been a fan of.



The leather skin wraps round the side of the camera a little, and there’s a cut out for the Zeiss logo on the front. The textured leather adds some grip to the camera, although this will not be as effective as a proper grip, such as Sony’s official AG-R2 grip or Richard Franiec’s cool version. Unlike these grips though, the skin doesn’t add any extra bulk. It will also protect the covered parts of the body from scratches, but as most of the camera remains unprotected it’s not that useful in this regard. I would definitely recommend a screen protector for the lcd on the back.

Overall I’m very happy with this addition to my little Sony – as well as adding a small amount of grip it just looks great on the camera!


sony_rx100_mkiii_skin_4 sony_rx100_mkiii_skin_5

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