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Portrait Photography for London Academic Event

portrait of employee at uber london

An American University commissioned me at the start of the year for three portrait photography sessions. I was to shoot portraits of three speakers who were talking at their upcoming academic event in London. The photos would be used to promote the event.

Portrait Photography

The brief and logistics were arranged mainly over email. The first shoot was at Blackboard’s office in the West End. The subject was wearing a vibrant yellow top which complimented the colourful graphics on the boardroom wall, so a variety of portraits were taken here.  A few different lighting set ups were used to give the client a variety of looks.

company portrait yellow top

The next shoot was at Uber’s office in Aldgate, and portraits were taken both inside and outside. A textured metal wall in the reception area caught my eye so I used this as the backdrop for the first set of images, using blue gels over the back lights to create a blue tone. For the exterior portraits, I used a slow shutter speed to blur the traffic in the background, while my portable flash lit the subject, keeping him sharp.

informal_portrait uber london

portrait uber london traffic

The final portrait was taken at a residential location in London. The majority of images were shot on a Canon 5D mark iv with my Sigma Art prime lenses which are my go to portrait lenses due to their build quality, sharpness and contrast. The 85mm lens is a particular favourite.

business portrait female ipad

Event Photography

I also photographed the event itself which was held at the London Transport Museum, a venue I had visited but not worked at before. It was great to see it used as an event space, and a very photogenic one at that.

london transport museum event walkway

male speaker london transport museum talk

female speaker london transport museum talk

university event london transport museum

After the talks there was a panel discussion, followed by networking.

panel discussion london transport museum

university event networking london

london transport museum event

students at networking event in london

london transport museum event networking

You can click on the following link to view more information on corporate photography in London.

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