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Editorial Portraits – City of London

I enjoy shooting editorial portraits regularly, and recently had the opportunity to take portraits to accompany a feature on the City of London Police’s Fraud Training Academy. As the article dealt with crime and corruption, I wanted to take some suitably dramatic images to compliment it.

I started off with a strongly lit portrait. For those of you interested in photography equipment, I used two Lencarta Atom 360 portable flash units with gridded modifiers to light my subject.

I also wanted a headshot, and composed this tightly with very shallow depth of field, to draw focus to the eyes.

While there was nothing particularly exciting about the office itself, the view was spectacular! I noticed a small balcony, so we managed to squeeze on to it along with my lighting so we could use the Gherkin and the London skyline as a backdrop.

These portraits were lit with two Lencarta Atom 360 flash units which are powerful enough to overpower the sun.

I’m pleased to say the first portrait made the cover with the outdoor portraits featured in the article. I’ll be adding the published images to my Published Work portfolio soon.


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