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Contemporary Corporate Headshots

I was recently commissioned to photograph a number of corporate headshots for a client in Manchester. Yes, I do travel outside of London once in a while! The brief was for a relaxed and approachable look, with the headshots to be taken on a neutral background, so I decided to go with light grey, which is a current favourite of mine. The backdrop I used was actually white, but I exposed the portrait so it came out light grey. I wanted a clean, fresh look so used two softboxes in a clamshell style (one above and one below the subject) to achieve this.

I used two Lencarta Atom 360 lights, which are very portable (not much bigger than a speedlight, but much more powerful), and come with their own battery pack, which again is very compact and light. Keeping with the portable theme, I used two Lastolite Ezybox II softboxes which are collapsible, and this allows me to carry all my kit with relative ease, using one large rolling Think Tank bag and a backpack. Here are a few more headshots from this shoot.

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